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The Ecko Beacon r100 is a small wireless device that allows you to automatically advertise your business to nearby  smartphones.*  The r100 was designed for mid-range outdoor advertising and indoor applications where wide coverage is needed.  Maximum range of an Ecko r100 is 100 meters.  (NOTE: Activation Charges May Apply)

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Product Description

Ecko Beacon Info

Ecko is a “small” wireless device that’s doing “big” things for businesses worldwide.  Ecko Beacons send a special notice to all smart phones within a radius of up to 200 yards depending upon the model.  More than 2 billion people use smartphones each day to access the internet, check email and chat via text.  Chances are…  your target customer does too.

Put your ad on the device they turn to for nearly everything information related…  their smart phone.  Simply enter your message via our ad entry website then take Ecko to your target audience… or any where large crowds gather.


Technical specs

Battery 1pc x CR2477
Operation Voltage 1.7-3.6V DC
Transmission Circuit 6.5mA (Max.) @ 0dBm
Transmission Range 100 meters
Accelerometer 3-axis
Sampling Interval 900 mS
Broadcasting Interval 900 mS
Antenna 50 ohm
Accessories 3M double adhesive pad
Net Weight 26.0g
Size Diameter 50 x 15 mm
Housing Water Proof Plastic

FCC & Device Limits

“Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility…” – Chinese Proverb

Per FCC regulations Ecko Beacons are not allowed to alert a smartphone.  This means it cannot ring, beep or vibrate a receiving device.  Ecko Beacons communicate via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) channel.  Thus, a smartphone must be Bluetooth enabled and ready to receive an Ecko’s signal.  Ecko Beacons currently interact with IOS (iPhone) ONLY by way of an associated app that must be present on the phone, however this is likely to change soon.  Unless a user “clicks” the notice an Ecko Beacon places on any Smartphone, the notice will automatically be removed when the Smartphone leaves the coverage area of the Ecko Beacon.  Other per device limitations may apply.

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