Pitch Widget Playbook

Thank you for your interest in the Pitch Widget Playbook and Pitch Widgets in general.  This blog is is only a small  collection of some of the ways that actual customers are using Pitch Widgets to help achieve their business goal.  We’d love to hear about your business and how you plan to use Pitch Widget, if at all.  Please leave us a comment below.  Who know, your deployment may make our pending Playbook 2.o.  Happy Hunting!

Pitch Widget Playbook 1.0

Real Estate

Code Name: Talking Homes | Listing agents use Pitch Widgets to help spur home sales.  Pitch Widgets are placed outside of the home.  The For Sale sign includes a notice that reads… “Check Your Phone For Instant About This House”

Loan Broker

Code Name: Large Loan To Go |  Loan Brokers can increase the number of loans written with stealthy deployment of Pitch Widgets.  Just tape a Pitch Widget under tables at targeted coffee houses and restaurants.  Message:  “Prequalify For A Home Loan In The Time It Take To Get Your Coffee”


Code Name: Widgets in the Court | One attorney puts a Pitch Widget in his pocket every time he goes to court.  He receives several calls from potential clients that realize they need to hire a lawyer.  Message: “Don’t Go Back To Court Without Speaking To Me:  Attorney David Goode”

Bar Owner

Code Name: Just Think Big | A crafty Bar Owner uses his Pitch Widgets at the stadium during the big game.  More than 30,000 fans receive his eCoupon.  Message: “Fan Appreciation: $1.00 Beer After Today’s Game”


Code Name: Spin and Win |  One sub shop put a Pitch Widget in the pocket of their outdoor sign spinner.  Their sign reads… “Check Your Phone: I just Sent You A Coupon For Fat Wally’s Subs”

Network Marketing

Code Name: Build Down To Bill Up | Network marketers recruit new members by attending free “make money” seminars to covertly offer its attendees their “earn money” alternative.  Message: “Make $1,250.00 per Week In Your Spare Time”


Code Name: Preying Politician   |  One career politician perfectly targets his base by having members of his election committee take Pitch Widgets to churches in his district.  His message “Re-elect Bro. Dolan Smith – A Return To Family Values”

Baby Sitter

Code Name: Sitter’s Perfect Pitch |  This one made a local paper when a 15 year old baby sitter launched a successful “sitting service” by placing her Pitch Widget (with permission of course) inside her baby brother’s pre-school.  Message: “Big Sister Sitters Will Baby Sit Your Little One: $30 per hour – Click to Call”

Comedy Club

Code Name:  a Widgets Walks Into A Bar | A Comedy Club Lures in patrons with Random Humor.   One downtown comedy club uses Pitch Widget to send a riddle opener to nearby entertainment seekers.  Message: “Did you hear the one about the Pastor and the Catfish?”

Math Tutor

Code Name: An Easy A | A college Calculus tutor with his pulse on the exam schedule camps out in the library a few days before exams.  Message: “Calculus Tutoring:  Campus Library Now!  Click to Call”


Code Name: Photographer Says Cheese | The annual Wedding Show can be expensive as a participating vendor.  One stealthy photographer reaches his target audience by placing a Pitch Widget in his pocket and going to the show as a free attendee.  Message: “10 Tens Things To Know Before Hiring A Wedding Photographer”

Department Store

Code Name: Retailers Retarget  | Department stores keep customers coming back by using Pitch Widgets to send them a coupon while in their store.  Message: “Save 10% On Your Next Visit To Our Store”

Music Band

Code Name: Your Fan Is My Fan | Musicians can tap in on the success of major touring artists by taking Pitch Widgets to their concert.  Message: “A Special Gift Just For You:  Thanks for attending tonight’s Show”

Local Bank

Code Name: Checks Cashed Here | One community bank targets a people that use check cashing services on payday.  Their Pitch Widgets are placed outside, but nearby the service.  Message: “STOP Paying 2% To Cash Your Check – CLICK HERE”

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