Our story

“Ecko Beacons” is a small amazing wireless device. With the help of this fantastic device you can have favorable changes in the world of business. “Ecko Beacons” is used to send a special message to all the smart phones which are present within two hundred yards. This distance starts within the radius of this device. This device is very useful for business marketing.

Reaching the target market is very easy via smart phones. Two million people who use smart phone on daily basis to chat through texting, check email, access internet can be reached through Ecko Beacons. Business owners and marketers just need to put their ad on this super-duper beneficial device. It doesn’t matter that where you are living in this world, all your target customers will be around you using their smart phones. The device is enclosed amazingly in a small shell casing. This casing protects it during outdoor applications.

Whenever you want, you can easily add or update your ad with the help of this smart device.

User friendly

Ecko Beacons device has a long battery life. The product life is usually two to five years; thus it is a small device, but it is very powerful.

Long Battery Life

Its important to deliver the right message to right customers. This smart device helps to deliver the message with high response rates.



Ecko Beacon-i50

$24.95 per month – ranging 25 meters

Ecko Beacons is a small amazing device that allows users to automatically advertise your ads to nearby smartphones. That was specially designed for indoor and outdoor range applications. The device ranging 25 meters costs $24.95 per month. All you need to do is put your ad on the device. Just enter your message simply according to your target audience. Ecko Beacons device has a transmission range of 100 meters having weight of 26 grams. Thus it is fantastic as it is fully programmable and endless as your imagination.

Ecko Beacon-i100

$44.95 per month – ranging 100 meters

Ecko Beacons is a smart device through which you can easily advertise your business to nearby smartphones. It basically covers the range of 100 meters and its cost is $44.95 per month. By using this device you can stay away from all worries.

Ecko Beacon-r201

$64.95 per month – ranging 200 meters

Ecko Beacons r201 brings you a trifling wireless device, allowing you to promote your business routinely for the smartphones in the nearby location. The maximum range of Ecko Beacons r201 is about two hundred meters. Your smartphone must be Bluetooth enabled and it must be ready to receive signals. The device easily interacts with smartphone, when a user clicks the ad “Ecko Beacons” places on the smartphone.